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International Space Station

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  ISS Sighting opportunities in Reno NV

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ISS Reference Frequencies for Ham Radio↓

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Note: All of USA is in ITU Region 2

HAM Radio station on the ISS ↓

Take a small tour of the space station and see how they make radio contacts with hams on earth. Inside the International Space Station, Expedition 25 commander Doug Wheelock gave a tour of the Russian segment of the orbiting complex, including the Soyuz spacecraft docked there. Wheelock showed off the station's HAM radio, using the call sign "NA1SS," to talk with people on the ground as the station flies overhead at 17,500 miles per hour. Wheelock, and Flight Engineers Shannon Walker and Fyodor Yurchickin all will return home to Earth this Thursday, Nov. 25. Downlink in Region 2 is 145.800 and the uplink is 144.490


 Welcome Back, Expedition 25! ↓

Following the safe landing of their Soyuz spacecraft Wheelock has spent 178 days in space on his two missions (15 days on STS-120). Walker spent 163 days in space on this, her first mission. Each spent 161 days aboard the station as members of Expedition 24/25, ↓SEE VIDEO↓

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